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The Wild Daisies Five Fabulous Frogs... and a Dog Reading Series encompass five trustworthy, but very different frog companions. Each particular frog's activities is aligned to extend the new reader, from the safe and the known - boldly ahead into the exciting unknown.

If you visit our website Wild Daisies, you will be able to read more about how the frogs and Mac fit into the structure of the series.


The friendly caring mentor of the entire reading series, and also the constant companion of the new reader during the vital Emergent Series.

Level 0-1-2 Colour Emergent/Magenta Books 12 books


The Feathered Frog. A gentle but surprisingly daring little frog, who starts to persuade the reader to explore their own imagination and enjoy gentle adventures.

Level 3-4-5 Colour Red Books 12 books


The Dog Frog - a most unusual frog - hairy, with a tail! Zak has a dog called Mac, and together they have adventures that inspire even the most reluctant reader, and has them diving for their book box!

Level 6-7-8 Colour Yellow Books 12 books


The Flying Frog - a gentle beauty who astonishes the reader with exciting and daring adventures, that stimulate the senses - and the imagination.

Level 9-10-11 Colour Blue Books 12 books


The Magical Frog - at the fluent reading level, is a mystical, magical frog - an amazing and unpredictable character, who takes the reader, and the other frogs, on the most breathtakingly thrilling adventures you could ever imagine.

Level 12-13-14 Colour Green Books 12 books

Frog Report

The Frogs and Mac are back as reporters, bringing to Frog Report 1, stories, articles, a map, a poem and more, using a wide variety of genre, fact and fiction.

Level 15-16 Colour Orange Books 1 32 page full-colour journal style book

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