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What schools say

The children loved the Frog Books and when they finished they said, "We wish we could start again." They loved remembering the books from way back.

- South Auckland School

We really like the way each series builds on the previous one. Bright colours, interesting characters. They have helped us to develop two enthusiastic readers of Special Needs Pupils. These pupils now feel confident to try simple chapter books.

- Boddytown School, NZ

What students say

I wanted to write and thank you for writing such awesome books for us to read. Yesterday I was allowed to bring one home as a reader. I loved it so much I read it four times to Mum. She thought it was great and this morning I got up early so I could read it again. I love the Frog Books and I am going to read lots more.

- Sophie Buchan 7 years old - Waiau pa School, NZ

Dear Mac, I like all your books. I love the funny ones – they are cool. I have got your books at my house. P.S. What are you doing for Christmas?

- Zoe Vincent

I like Zip`s books because Zip is my friend. He is a frog and I read all the Zip books and it is fun to read and easy. My best friend is Zip and we are going to do hard books and Zip`s books are too easy for us! I like Zip`s books because they are fun to read. I am good at reading and Zip is my best friend.

- Teta – Glenavon School, NZ

I like all the books. They were cool. I hope you make more Zoosh books, they taught me a lot about the world.

- From your friend, Matthew.

Dear Frogs, I enjoyed reading the books about Zo and Zoosh. The books I liked best were `The Mountains of the Moon` and `Zoosh`s Travelling Song`. Thank you for helping me learn to read better.

- Erica Watson – Frog Pond Reading Tuition NZ

- Nathanial

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