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Hi, and thank you for your interest in the Frog Pond Tutoring Network.

When I started writing the Frog Pond Series of books and set up the Frog Pond Tutoring Programme in my home after 23 years as a teacher, it was my vision to:

A New Zealand success story that's gone on to become an international hit

That was more than 16 years ago, and since then the books have become best-sellers in New Zealand and around the world, Zip and Mac have become TV stars with their popular series on TV1, available on DVD, and the tutoring programme has been well proven and an excellent additional income for me.


High-interest, with bright energetic illustrations, clear well-spaced text, humour and exciting adventures, the Frog Books were created specifically for the purpose of teaching early literacy and fit comfortably within the New Zealand Reading Curriculum. The characters are of no particular gender or culture, so readers of the Frog Pond Books are free to bring them into their worlds and make them their own.

Since 1996, more than 500,000 Frog Pond books have been sold, not only in New Zealand but all over the world. Now the books are also being released in 'app' format for the children of today and tomorrow and other exciting multimedia and web-based developments are on the way!

My personal invitation to you to be part of the success story with your own Frog Pond Tutoring business

As a logical extension of this, I have developed a one-to-one Reading and Writing Tuition Programme using the books and other learning materials in my tuition business based in a rural town south of Auckland. Like all teachers, I know that specialist one-on-one tuition in an atmosphere of companionship, fun and trust is the most effective way of working with young children.

Such has been the success of the programme that I am now ready, after 16 years of careful development, to make the Frog Pond Tuition Programme available to licensed tutors throughout New Zealand. And I would like to invite you to be part of the Frog Pond success story!


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