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How much can you make in your Frog Pond Tuition business?

There are two measures of the quality of any investment:

1. Your return on investment

That is, the percentage of the amount of your investment that you get back each year. For example, if you put your money in the bank, the return on your investment will be the interest you receive. At the moment, that's less than 5% per year. With your Frog Pond Tutoring Business, the return on investment will depend on how much income you are able to earn, as per the three scenarios from the Income page.

2. The payback period

That is, the time it takes you to get back the full amount of your investment. As an example, if you put your money in the bank at less than 5% interest, it will take you more than 20 years to recover the full amount of your investment, even though the interest will be compounding every year.

How long will it take to pay off your initial investment if you're making the income from Scenario 1 on the Income Page

a. Payback Period:

Total investment less GST refund $2478.26
divided by average weekly income of $480 per week
= 5.2 weeks to pay off!

b. Return on Investment (ROI):

Total income of $19,200 per year
divided by your total investment less GST refund of $2478.26
= 775% return on investment

Take it from us, that's one of the best ROI's and shortest Payback Periods you'll get from any business opportunity!

You won't get that by putting your money in the bank!

(And these results are based only on the Conservative Income Scenario and not on Scenarios 2 and 3.)

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