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The advantages of a part-time business over a part-time job

Yes, it will cost you money to get into your own Frog Pond Tutoring Business, but there are several important advantages of being in your own business. The first is that you control your own future. The more you put into your business, the more you stand to get out of it. You can make more per hour. You can work from home, and work the hours you want to work. We'll also show you how to boost your income by taking on more tutors (see page 5), or by splitting your territory (see page 6). And of course you always have the opportunity of selling your business for possible capital gain.

The advantages of a Frog Pond Tutoring Business rather than going it alone

As a trained teacher, you have the qualifications required to start your own private tutoring programme. But as Jill Mitchell found out 16 years ago, it takes much more than a teaching qualification to operate a successful business. You need the right tutoring resources to manage the programme, the right marketing tools and techniques to bring in students, and the right business systems to administer the finances and people. All of this has been thoroughly developed and trialled by Jill and her team and is available to you in the Start Up Pack, together with all the training and support you need to make a success of your business.

Run your own business from home - or your classroom or local hall

For more than 16 years, Jill Mitchell has operated her Frog Pond Tutoring Business mostly from home – and you could do the same. But if your home wouldn't be a suitable location, you can use anywhere else that may be suitable on a 'pay as you use' basis – a school, hall, church or community centre may have just the space and toilet facilities you need. All you require is a suitable room with a table or desk and two chairs which you can turn into a Frog Pond Tutoring Environment. 12 to l6 students per week is a readily attainable initial goal (currently Jill has 35 at her Waiuku base). Most students come in after 3pm, but there is plenty of scope for keen tutors to get more pupils in during the day, and the 4 1⁄2 -year-old 'Zippers' preparing for school are great fun to take.

Get everything you need to make it easy to start your own business

The Frog Pond Tutoring Programme is based on Jill Mitchell's best-selling Frog Books and has been developed and proven over 16 years with thousands of new readers. But the Frog Pond Tutoring Business package is much more than the books, manuals, worksheets, checklists, activity sheets and the other tutoring tools provided in the Wild Daisies Tutor Satchel. You'll receive everything you need to make it easy to start and build your own business – a complete Business System incorporating marketing tools, financial and administration systems, training and support.

Take advantage of a booming market

The private tutoring market continues to boom, even in a soft economy. Parents want the best for their children and are more likely than ever before to look outside the traditional school system for additional help and support, especially in the critical early reading and writing stage.

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